Services Offered

With more than 20 years of experience providing: direct psychological care; training, supervising & mentoring emerging clinicians, and developing & managing social service programs, I am pleased to offer you the following services:

What We Do

Individual Therapy

Whether you feel depressed, anxious, alone or are hurting in some way, or you aim to grow into the best possible version of you, individual therapy would be highly worthwhile for you.

Couples Therapy

Whether you and your partner are: not getting along, frequently in conflict, holding on to anger and resentment, and/or you aim to deepen your relationship and become closer, more intimate and vulnerable, couples therapy would be best for you.

Screening & Assessment

If you or a loved one suspects a mental health condition or disorder, screening and assessment can help answer those questions. Additionally, I have years of experience conducting pre-employment assessments for various police departments and pre-surgical psychological assessment for those considering gastric bypass surgery.

Telehealth Services

If you do not have ready access to mental health care, or you are local but travel often, Telehealth services provide flexible access and can support continuity for your face-to-face individual and/or couples work.

Training & Supervision

If you and your associates need training on: mental health, wellness, relationships, communication, conflict resolution or the psychological impact of health conditions such as HIV, I can address your needs in a customized manner.

Organizational Consultation

If your organization needs support while: building capacity, designing or launching a newly funded program, or needs high level administrative/supervisory support, I provide state-of-the-art organizational consultation, as an efficient and cost-effective solution.

One Human Race

I celebrate diversity in all its forms and think our differences strengthen and enrich us. Having considerable experience working with a diverse array of people, I am committed to providing culturally competent services to members of marginalized communities including people of color and those LGBTQIA identified.
“Not everything that is faced can be changed, 
but nothing can be changed until it is faced"
James Baldwin