Working within the LGBTQI communities for over 20 years, I offer an understanding of identity development in our ever-changing society. Serving for five years at the oldest and largest HIV service agency in Broward County, 6-1/2 years with the nation’s first organization in the fight against HIV (GMHC in NYC), and providing individuals and couples therapy to members of the community throughout these years, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you achieve what you want.

You Do You!

Growing up and existing in a heterosexist normative environment breeds prejudice, discrimination and oppression. For too long, sexual minorities are told by society, and sometimes by those closest to them, to ‘not be who you are’. If you struggle with questioning who you are, coming out, or you just want to be more fully expressed, give me a call. I commit to providing a supportive, affirmative, non-judgmental space to allow you to explore, understand and grow.

Express Yourself!




Trans Rights are Human Rights! Being true to yourself is too often met with not only a lack of support, but active and deliberate oppression. I believe you have the right to express yourself in whatever manner has you being you! I started the first TGNC Advisory Committee at GMHC in NYC and will continue to support the community in any way I can.

Love Is Love!

Being in a same-sex relationship, poses unique issues and challenges. When it becomes overwhelming and too complicated or confusing to work through, then professional help makes all the difference. I have more than 20 years experience providing couple’s therapy for same-sex couples. I am committed to creating an affirmative space where your relationship is valued, supported and understood in a loving context. Please click over to my couple’s therapy webpage to learn more about related services and some working assumptions I emphasize when working with couples.