I have dedicated my life’s work to assisting others in need and to being of service. This focus has added considerable purpose and meaning to my life, as well as many lessons. It is a humbling experience to be invited into the lives of hundreds of clients over the years who have entrusted me with their most intimate and personal experiences, so we can collaborate to achieve their goals. My training includes: a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s in educational psychology, a graduate certificate in school psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology. Afterwards, I completed a post-doctoral master of science in clinical psychopharmacology. While I didn’t always like school, I have always loved to learn! Additionally, I have more than 20 years of experience in providing psychotherapy, supervising emerging clinicians, developing & managing social service programs, and in senior executive leadership.

"I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

Carl Jung

What to Expect

After your initial inquiry, you will receive a call from me within 24 hours to discuss your interest in therapy and to answer any questions you may have. If agreeable, we will schedule an initial appointment to discuss the reasons for seeking therapy, the goals you have and the outcome you desire. The context of therapy, the risks and benefits of therapy, and relevant practice policies and agreements will also be reviewed and agreed upon. If you decide to continue to engage in a therapeutic relationship, relevant history will be explored as a deepening understanding of you and your life is revealed. Through that process, we will develop a therapeutic alliance and deepen our focus on what brought you to therapy so that your outcomes and goals are achieved. If additional resources and/or interventions are needed that I do not provide, referrals and recommendations will be made to you. Therapy will end when you decide it to end, and a conscious and purposeful closure to therapy will be encouraged.